The friendship of Languages

Ag'ylshyn tili
Abdrahmanova Dinara Bazarbekovna, The friendship of Languages

Maqala avtory: Abdrahmanova Dinara Bazarbekovna
Jumys orny: Tehnologo- эkonomikalyq kolledji
Lay'azymy: Ag'ylshyn tili oqyty'shysy
Portalg'a jariialany' merzimi: 24.05.2018

«The friendship of Languages»

«Tilder dostastyg'y»

Lesson type: an excursion lesson

Sabaqtyn' tu'ri: эksky'rsiia sabaq



Sabaqtyn' maqsaty:

    To teach students to express their own points of  view and work in groups;

—         Sty'dentterge o'z ko'zqarastaryn jetkize bily'ge ja'ne toppen jumys istey'di u'irety';

    To develop skills of speaking and unprepared speech;

—        So'iley' ja'ne ku'tpegen jerde paida bolatyn so'iley' dag'dylaryn damyty';

    To enlarge country studying knowledge and educate to respect foreign language and culture;

—    SHet elder ty'raly bilimdi ken'eite otyryp,  shet tili men ma'denietin qurmettey'ge u'irety';

—         To develop visual memory, creativity of pupils, to create to learn attitude toward foreign languages.  

—         Oqy'shylardyn' ko'rneki este saqtay', shyg'armashylyq qabiletterin damyty', shet tilderine degen durys ko'zqarasty qalyptastyry'.


Objectives: Develop their skills of  listening, speaking and unprepared speech.

Items needed: an interactive blackboard, slide, photos, poster, audio, video material.

Sabaqtyn' mindeti: Sty'dentterdin' tyn'day', so'iley' dag'dylaryn ja'ne shyg'armashylyq qabiletterin damyty'.


The procedure of the lesson

Sabaqtyn' barysy:


  •   Greeting:
  •   Sa'lemdesy':


Student 1: Good afternoon, dear friends! Welcome to our demonstrative lesson!

(Sty'dent 1: Qaiyrly ku'n, qurmetti dostar! Ashyq sabag'ymyzg'a qosh keldin'izder! )

Student 2: According to Roger Bacon: “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”, Learning a foreign language open up employment opportunities. Learning a foreign language will lead to long-term success. It will open up new avenues before you. The more language you know, the better you can express yourself.

( Sty'dent 2: Rodjer Bэikonnyn' “Tilderdi bily'- danalyqtyn' esigi” degen so'zi beker emes. SHet tilin u'ireny' jumysqa ornalasy'g'a mu'mkindikterin ashady. SHet tilin men'gery' uzaq merzimdi tabysqa a'keledi. Ol sizge jan'a joldardy ashady. Siz qanshalyqty til bilsen'iz, o'zin'izdi sonshalyqty jaqsy ko'rsete alasyz.)

II.Main part:

II.Negizgi bo'lim:

Student 1: Today we have unusual lesson. We will make a trip from London to another country but we will not know the last point. The last point we will learn at the end of our lesson.

(Sty'dent 1: Bu'gin bizdin' sabag'ymyz erekshe bolmaq. Londonnan basqa elderge sapar jasaimyz, biraq biz son'g'y nu'kteni bilmeimiz. Son'g'y qalamyzdy sabaqtyn' son'ynda bilemiz.)

Student 2: In each airport of countries, students should do some tasks of each country to continue their trip. And the first landing is Frankfurt(Germany):

Let’s see what will happen?

(Sty'dent 2: A'rbir eldin' a'y'ejaiynda sty'dentter a'r sapardyn' jalg'asy'y u'shin a'r eldin' mindetterin atqary'y kerek. Alg'ashqy el- Frankfy'rt (Germaniia) bolyp tabylady. Qane, ne bolatynyn tamashalaiyq!)

Airport staff: Welcome to the Frankfurt! We are glad to see you in our country. To continue your trip you should fulfill our condition. And it is : to Present your group.

(Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Frankfy'rtqa qosh keldin'iz! Biz sizdi elimizde ko'rgenimizge qy'anyshtymyz. Saparyn'yzdy jalg'astyry' u'shin siz bizdin'  shartymyzdy orynday'g'a tiissin'iz. Bizdin' shartymyz: Sizdin' tobyn'yzdy tanystyry' bolyp tabylady.)

The group of tourists present themselves. There will be a video presentation.

(Ty'rister o'zderinin' tobyn beine ko'rsetilim arqyly tanystyrady. )

Airport staff: Thank you for your zeal, you did it very well! I wish you a good holiday! Good bye!

( Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Thank you for your zeal, you did it very well! I wish you a good holiday! Good bye! Sizderdin' ynta-jigerin'iz u'shin rahmet, bizdin' shartymyzdy o'te jaqsy oryndadyn'yz! Joldaryn'yz bolsyn! Say' bolyn'yzdar!)

Student 1: Okay, how we see, they have passed the first condition successfully!

(Sty'dent 1: Ko'rip otyrg'anymyzdai, top birinshi shartty sa'tti o'tti.)

Student 2: It is interesting what will happen with our tourists, what adventures are waiting for them.

(Sty'dent 2: Jalg'asy ne bolatynyn tamashalaiyq.)


Airport staff: Welcome to the Paris, dear friends! By looking at you, I think that you are students who studied abroad, so while your studying what have you noticed about knowledge? So, our condition for you is: to tell us some proverbs and poems about knowledge.

(Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Parijge qosh keldin'izder, qymbatty dostar! Sizderge qarai otyryp, shetelde oqyg'an sty'dentter siiaqtyn'yz. Oqy' barysynda bilim ty'raly qandai tu'iinge keldin'izder? Osyg'an orai bizdin' shartymyz retinde bilim ty'raly maqal- ma'tel, naqyl so'zder men o'len' shy'maqtaryn aity' bolyp tabylady.)

The group of tourists tells proverbs and poems:

(Ty'ristter bilim ty'raly maqal- ma'tel men o'len' shy'maqtaryn tarty' etedi.)


(Maqal- ma'telder:)

  1. You are as many a person as languages you know.

«Adam qanshalaqty til bilse, sonshalyqty adam sanyna ten'»

CHeh maqaly

  1. The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Menin' tilimnin' shekarasy- menin' jeke A'lemimnin' shekarasy
Ludwig Wittgenstein(Liy'dvig Vitgenshtein)

  1. A mind enclosed in language is in prison. 

Tilmen shektelgen aqyl- parasatta.

Simone Weil(Simona Veil)

  1. A different language is a different vision of life.
    Basqa til- o'mirge degen basqa ko'zqaras
    Federico Fellini (Federiko Fellini)
  2. Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
    Til — ma'deniettin' jol kartasy. Ol o'z halqynyn' qaidan ja'ne qaida baratyn jerlerin aiqyndaidy.
    Rita Mae Brown(Rita Mэi Bray'n)


(O'len' shy'maqtary)


(Bilim men u'shin- adal dos)

Student 1:

Knowledge, knowledge! that spears the light

where words play off in my mind day and night,

to face the fears that come near

that waters old memories,

standing alone I will never be

because God stands with me,

Student 2:

Knowledge, knowledge! Is a good thing to have?

To know who is playing the lying game,

That will lead you in darken dreams

That will always make you scream,

Student 3:

Knowledge, knowledge! Got me in collage

just to show all my haters I can,

it helped me to face the lies others told about me,

yes, I can read, I can write, all those famous lines,

that shines so beautiful on your screen

while you read all about me.

Student 4:

Knowledge, knowledge! Is a given

To all those who truly tries in life

And never run from the lies

But to stand tall in the light

That shine bright into the night

Knowledge is a loyal friend of mine.

Student 1: Great, they have passed the second condition!

(Sty'dent 1: Tamasha, olar ekinshi shartty da sa'tti o'tti!)

Student 2: Let’s continue our trip!

(Sty'dent 2: Saiahatymyzdy jalg'astyraiyq! )


Airport staff: Welcome to the Prague! According to trip conditions, your task is to sing a beautiful song in foreign language to show how you respect foreign language and culture.

(Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Pragag'a qosh keldin'izder! Jol ju'ry' sharttaryna sa'ikes, shet tilderine ja'ne ma'denietterine degen qurmetti ko'rsety' maqsatynda bizdin' shartymyz- shet tilinde a'n aity' bolyp tabylady.)

The group of tourists sing song in English

(Ty'ristter ag'ylshyn tilinde a'n oryndaidy. «)

Student 1: I am so happy, they have passed the third condition, too!

(Sty'dent 1: Ty'ristterdin' u'shinshi shartty o'tkenine qy'anyshtymyn!)

Student 2: Which country will be next. Let’s continue our trip!

(Sty'dent 2: Kelesi qandai el bolady eken? Saiahatymyzdy jalg'astyraiyq.)


Airport staff: Welcome to the Baku! According to trip conditions, your task is to show us how talented you are.

(Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Baky'g'a qosh keldin'izder! Jol ju'ry' sharttaryna sa'ikes, siz qanshalyqty o'nerli ekenin'izdi ko'rsety'in'iz kerek.)

The group of tourists show their international dance

(Ty'ristter internatsionaldyq biin bileidi)

Student 1: Great, they have passed the fourth condition!

(Sty'dent 1: Keremet, bul sharrty da o'tti!)

Student 2: It is so interesting, which country will be the last of our trip. Let’s continue our trip!

(Sty'dent 2: O'te qyzyqty, bizdin' saparymyzdyn' son'g'y nu'ktesi qai el bolady eken? Saiahatymyzdy jalg'astyraiyq!)


Airport staff: Welcome to the ASTANA! Congratulate you! Astana is your last landing! And our condition for you is to visit EXPO-2017 Astana- Future Energy and make a short report about EXPO- 2017.

(Aэroport qyzmetkeri: Astanag'a qosh keldin'izder! Sizderdi quttyqtaimyz! Astana — sizdin' son'g'y turag'yn'yz! A'rine, basqa elder sekildi bizdin' tek shartymyz ol- EXPO-2017 Astana — Bolashaq эnergiiasyna baryp qysqasha esep bery'in'iz kerek.)

The group of tourists speak about their expressions and thoughts about EXPO-2017.

(Ty'ristter EXPO-2017 Astana ko'rmesinen alg'an a'serlerimen bo'lisedi.)



  • Conclusion:


III. Qorytyndy:

Student 1: Today we repeated proverbs and learnt poems; developed speaking and listening skills, we used different Tenses to make up sentences about our intentions, decisions and arrangements connected with different types of trip conditions.

(Sty'dent 1: Bu'gin biz maqal-ma'telder o'len'derdi qaitaladyq; so'iley' ja'ne tyn'day' dag'dylaryn damytyp, a'rtu'rli y'aqytty paidalana otyryp, a'rtu'rli sapar sharttarymen bailanysty nietterimiz, sheshimderimiz ben is-sharalarymyz ty'raly so'ilestik.)

Student 2: Charlie Munger mentioned “Those who keep learning, will keep rising in life”, study hard, learn foreign languages and be competent and skilled specialists in the different fields.

(Sty'dent 2: CHarli My'nger «Oqy'dy jalg'astyrg'andar o'mirde o'sy'di jalg'astyrady», dei kele jaqsy bilim alyp, shet tilderin u'irenip, a'rtu'rli salalarda bilimdi ja'ne bilikti maman boly'g'a shaqyrady.)

Student 1: We give the word to our guests.

(Sty'dent 1: Kelesi so'z kezegin a'dilqazylarg'a beremiz.)

Student 2: Our trip is over. Thank you for your attention! Goodbye

(Sty'dent 2: Our trip is over. Thank you for your attention! Goodbye! Bizdin' saiahatymyz son'yna keldi. Sabag'ymyzg'a qatycqanyn'yz u'shin alg'ys aitamyz! Qosh- say' bolyn'yzdar!