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School rules

Ағылшын тілі
School rules

Мақала авторы: Муханова Гульзада Дастановна
Жұмыс орны: Қызылорда қаласы, №235 орта мектеп
Лауазымы: Мұғалім
Порталға жариялану мерзімі: 29.12.2016
Журнал қорына жариялаған: Муханова Гульзада Дастановна

Theme: School rules

Aims:  Өткен тақырыпқа қайталау жаттығуларын жүргізy.Оқушының өзін-өзі тәрбиелеуге бау. Есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту.

Method:   question- answer

Type:        Қайталау сабағы

Visual aids:        cards

Subject connection:           Kazakh


The procedure of the lesson:


I.Org. moment

       А) greeting

      Б) checking up attendance

  1. To introduce new theme

  Our theme in our lesson is «School rules                                       

III.Білімді жан-жақты тексеру

Exercise 13 Read the conversation between an interviewer and Kate and find the questions have/ has.

How do we make question with have/ has to?

  1. What are some of the good things about being a teenager, not an adult?
  2. Well, you don’t have to go out to work.

And you don’t have to pay bills.

You can go out with your friends, go shopping, go to the cinema, sometimes to the disco.

But I always have to tell my Mum and Dad where I’m going.

Another thing is we don’t have to do the housework and the washing and cleaning, which is really boring.

  1. What do adults have to do?
  2. Well, adults have to worry about bills and looking after their family.

They can’t do what they want when they want.

  1. What does your mother have to do?
  2. I feel sorry for my Mum.

She doesn’t have to work on Thursdays and Fridays, but she has a lot of different things to do in a day, like shopping, cooking taking my younger sister to dancing.

  1. What does your Dad have to do?
  2. He has to work full-time, and he drives over a thousand miles a week, but he doesn’t have to do anything in the house.
  3. Tell me about school. What arc some of the school rules?
  4. We have to wear a stupid school uniform, and we are not allowed to wear make-up.


Exercise 14

Look at the chart. Make true sentences about you and your family. Compare your sentences as a class

My parent’s  have to go out to work.

My father doesn’t have to  do the washing up

My sister has to get up in the morning

My grandparent’s don’t have to do the washing up

My brother has to do the shopping…


Exercise 15 Talk to your partners. Work in small groups to discuss the questions

What do you have to do to help in the house?

What about your brothers and sisters?

Can you stay out as long as you want, or do you have to be at home by a certain time?

Can you go where you want?

Do you have to tell your parent’s where you are going?

VI Home work                                              

 Exercise 16 Write down five things you had to do last week that you didn’t want to do.