My homeland

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Зуханова Айғаным Аққазовна, My homeland

Мақала авторы: Зуханова Айғаным Аққазовна
Жұмыс орны: Политехнический колледж
Лауазымы: Студентка 1 курса
Порталға жариялану мерзімі: 26.01.2016

Руководитель: Малдыбаева Г. К.

My homeland

The biggest feats of virtue were committed out of love for the fatherland.


My homeland is Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan — my homeland, my land, the place where I was born and the place of my memories. My homeland is a beautiful country, the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is-a great country with a rich history, ancient culture and unique nature. Wide expanses of Kazakh lands. When the north more snow at the foot of the mountains in the south are already blooming fruit trees. I still remember time how our ancestors a long time to defend our land from enemies and pass on to future generations. How much work, sweat and blood, joy and suffering befell our ancestors. My Kazakhstan has glorious and rich history. Its culture, its nature, its customs, its history to all this, you need to start writing a book. Each of us must do everything to ensure the implementation of their dreams-the power of Kazakhstan among the world powers.

We, the younger generation, are proud of their country’s past, he has devoted his life to the present for the sake of our common future.

We respect our President Nursultan Nazarbayev — through which we are able to live in a peaceful and prosperous country. What does a man need in life? Of course, for people who fall asleep, we would have been convinced that their lives, their future is not threatened. Peace and harmony on earth — this  is the most important thing for every person. We are confident in our future, our President will do everything for us to live happily ever after. I believe him! That’s what my Kazakhstan: peaceful, free, rich, cosmopolitan. How can you not love this country? It’s impossible.

         Kazakhstan — a country of great opportunity, a country that I am proud of it. Because of this feeling I created this poem given below:

My motherland, my dear land,

Let my land be in peace.

Be happy land,

Be happy people

Be joyful people of Kazakhstan

I love my motherland,

She is like an ocean.

Vast and boundless,

Many talented people

Generations of heroes

Wave after wave

So, in conclusion I would like to say that I am proud of my homeland. If you have a question (why?) Because we are one of those who made it possible for 23 years a lot of progress. Of course, not all countries KSRO could not rise to the level in the short term for a young country, and developed countries. We, the young people of the 21st century are required to maintain these achievements. If every citizen of our country will love the motherland, we will achieve all our goals. And I, as a young citizen their country, love my Kazakhstan!