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My future profession

Ашық сабақтар
My future profession

Мақала авторы: Галиева Гульшара Дюсембаевна
Жұмыс орны: Атырау қаласы Жапақ Қаражігітов атындағы №16 мектеп - лицей
Лауазымы: ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Порталға жариялану мерзімі: 16.10.2016
Журнал қорына жариялаған: Галиева Гульшара Дюсембаевна

Lesson plan

Theme: My future profession School: #16 lyceum – school
Date: 21.12.2015 Teacher: Galiyeva Gulshara Duysembaevna
Grade:7 “G” The number of students: 18 Present:18
The purpose of the lesson -learn to speak about future profession


purpose separated by levels all the students:

-can talk about what they want to become in the future

-can make the job descriptions

most of the students:

-can make the job descriptions

some of the students:

-can write a short essay about profession

linguistic goal -learn and practice how to use indirect (reported) speech
New words: jobs


In future I want to be …

He asked what she wanted to be …

She said (that) she wanted to be…

previous knowledge -Present simple

-Past simple

scheduled time the scheduled tasks resources
beginning of the lesson ·  2min

·  2min

·  4min

·  2min

·      divide students into three groups by using the pictures

·      talk about the professions which are connected with pictures

·      explanation of theme the indirect speech by using video

·      review present simple and past simple

middle of the lesson ·  3min

·  7min


·  12min process






·  2min

·  2min

·  5min

·      turn the direct speech sentences to reported speech

·      Giving tasks: 1 group – to draw a picture of your future  profession then talk about it; 2 group – to make a dialogue about profession; 3 group – make job description for guessing other two groups

·      The special task for a few  high level pupils : to write a short essay about their future professions

·      Extra task:

·         to write information about another groups

·         to make the reported speech sentences from information what they have heard

·         to assess other groups by using the traffic light

·        Filling the gaps in the text of song

·        To sing the song Shania Twain — She’s Not Just A Pretty Face

·        The game 10 questions

end of the lesson ·  2min ·        To take feedback by using the step by step
plan for the assistance to the low level students plan for the developing knowledge of the high level students the evaluation process using IT
— to make a dialogue with a pair high level students

(high level pupil is a bridge for learning language)

—    To give them grammar tasks like as turning the direct speech to reported speech

—    To ask them extra questions

—    to assess other groups by using the traffic light

—    to take feedback by using the step by step they can assess themselves and write their opinions about the lesson or write suggestions for the next lesson


—  Video material for grammar

—  Song tape script