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Keep warm

Ашық сабақтар
Keep warm

Мақала авторы: Мустанова Марал Булатовна
Жұмыс орны: №1 мектеп-гимназиясы
Лауазымы: Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі
Порталға жариялану мерзімі: 10.03.2016


Grade 6a
Teacher Mustanova M
Theme Keep warm
Objectives: They know all the words on the subject

They know how to ask questions, to create posters on may make proposals with modal verb ‘’should’’

ICT skills Usage of the presentation
Planned timings Time Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)


5 min The T greets the learners and present the lesson objectives

Well, today we have an unusual lesson. I want to play with you the game ‘’’Stars hour’

Actualization of knowledge 5 min Phonetic drill Flashcards game

Divide the class into 3-group






10 min

Work in groups

Works   with text Exc 5p83 Asel’s diary

Group A

Read and write Basic words

Group B

Write sentences by placing pictures in order

Group C Basic sentences

Grammar structure 12 min Modal verb ‘’’should’


Works in small group

Here is a T-chart. Write what children should do or shouldn’t do to be healthy

PT minute 3 min
Health Code 5min Now I will give each team a leafsheet with a list of recommendations which we should follow or shouldn’t follow to be healthy.

Your task is to make Health Code

Reflection 3min ‘’A magic flower ‘’

Children, I’ll give you the papers, please write down

What you should and shouldn’t do?

Marking 2 min Comment the marks
Home Assignment Exc7-8 p 84