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Would you like some more tea?

Would you like some more tea?

Author: Дауымшарова Айгул Бакытовна
Job: Маңғыстау облысы,Бейнеу ауданы ,Бейнеу селосы ''Күйкен орта мектебі "ММ
Position: І санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Date of publish: 30.01.2017
Publisher: Д.

Theme: Would you like some more tea?
Aim: to introduce the pupils with new words, to develop pupil’s speaking habits, to teach in written and orally forms, to introduce with grammar:“I would like”;to develop pupils interest in learning English.
Visual aids: pictures of food and drinks,cards,activeboard,tables
Procedure of the lesson
I.Organization moment
– Good morning children!
– Good morning teacher!
-How is your mood?
-How is your preparedness to today’s lesson?
-Very good
-How is your desire?
-Well,let’s begin our lesson! Who is on duty today?
– I’m.
– Who’s absent today?
– All are present.
– What is the weather like today?
– The weather is fine.
II.Checking up the home task
– Good. What was your home task for today? Are you ready? Up your hands please. Who is ready? I’ll give you cards and you must do tasks.
Put down Some or Any(work with cards) :
1. I would like … tea.
2. Is there … sugar?
3. I usually buy … cheese.
4. I don`t buy … coffee.
5. We need to buy … bread because we haven`t any.
6. There are … books on the table near the TV set.
7. There is not … bread on the table .
8. Are there … tables in the classroom?
9. There are … pupils in the school.
10. There isn`t … water in the cup.
III.New theme
1.Phonetic drill
How much money do you have?
Not much.Not much.
How much money do you have?
A few dollars ,a few dollars.
How much money do you have?
It’s mine.It’s mine.
How much money do you have?
Here’s a dime. Here’s a dime.
2. Vocabulary
thirsty – шөлдеген
hungry – аш
anything-бір нәрсе
customer-сатып алушы
Would like / would love –нақты уақытты және сол уақыттағы іс-әрекетті көрсетеді
I would like some juice now.
Would like= ‘d like
Would love=’d love
-Would you like some orange juice?
Like-адамның жалпы ұнататын іс-әрекетін білдіреді
I like swimming .She likes dancing
I like apples .He likes bananas .
-Do you like milk?
-Yes,I do/No,I don’t.
IV.Practise your grammar
Circle the correct letter.
1.a)Would you like a banana?
b)Do you like bananas?
Yes,please.I’m hungry.
2.a)Do you like coffee?
b)Would you like some coffee?
No,thanks.I never drink it.
3.a)Would you like a pizza?
b)Do you like pizza?
No,I don’t.
4.a)Do you like fruit?
b)Would you like some fruit?
No,but I’d like a biscuit,please.
5.a)Do you like driving?
b) Would you like to drive?
No,I don’t .
V. Reading
Ex 2.Read and translate
Carol: I’m thirsty.
Colin: Would you like some tea?
Carol: No thanks.
Colin: Would you like some milk?
Carol: I don’t like milk.
Colin: Would you like an apple juice?
Carol: Oh, yes please. I’m hungry too.
Colin: Would you like a biscuit?
Carol: No, thanks. I’d like a sandwich.
Colin: Cheese? Ham?
Carol: A cheese sandwich, please.
Ex 4 p 51
a)I’m thirsty. Would you like some…. ?
Yes, please. No thanks.
b)I’m hungry. Would you like a …. ?
Yes, please. No, thanks.
Ex 5
a)Ordering a meal
Ex 6
b)In a cafe
Ex 6b
Pronunciation Practice
[ju:] [^]
pupil bus
student much
music up
tube butter
Home task : Ex 8p 53
-You were very active today! Well done!Your marks for today…
-The lesson is over. You may have a rest. Good –bye.

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