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Problems and prospects of online learning under quarantine

Problems and prospects of online learning under quarantine

Author: Нурматова Луиза Суннатовна
Job: Тараз қаласы әкімдігінің білім бөлімінің №4 орта мектебі
Position: Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі
Date of publish: 17.01.2021
Publisher: Амангуль Д.

Abstract: The purpose of writing this article is to identify the main stages in the work of a teacher when conducting distance online classes, as well as to identify the positive and negative aspects of the work process.

Key words: distance education, educational strategy, innovation, distance learning, modern technology.

The urgent introduction of distance education in the educational process in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a spontaneous experiment that required emergency decisions, search for effective mechanisms for implementing the educational process and analysis of what is happening.

The capabilities of modern digital technologies allowed us to quickly configure the information component of training and control the knowledge of students.

A detailed analysis of the communication of the teaching staff among themselves and the analysis of the features of teaching and self-education when learning English using the Google classroom, Moodle, Telegram messenger platforms, etc. the issues of communication relations between teachers and students, the language of instruction, logistics of distance education and methodological problems are described in Detail.

Modern students know that English is not a luxury, but a necessity. Knowledge of the language increases competitiveness in the labor market, increases the chances of finding a prestigious job. But what should a student who combines study with work do when there is not enough time for regular attendance of English classes? In this situation, it becomes relevant to learn English remotely, without direct contact with the teacher.

And yet, despite the seeming contradiction, distance learning of a foreign language in our College is used actively and productively because of its undeniable advantages.

  1. The teacher has the opportunity to use publicly available electronic textbooks that are necessary for deeper language learning; video and audio recordings, a virtual library with publications of such series as Basic Survival, Headway, Opportunities, electronic dictionaries for better translation of professionally oriented texts, such as Multitran, Prompt.
  2. You can create online tests with the ability to instantly test your knowledge and skills using the Moodle program, which is very convenient and saves time.
  3. Individual remote lessons can be recorded and played back at any time if the student needs to remember, clarify or refresh the material passed – that is, the teacher does not need to repeat the same material repeatedly [1].
  4. Distance learning opportunities help an English teacher to competently create an individual program for each specific student in accordance with the specific goals and objectives of the student.

At the present stage of development of society, information technologies have a great impact on our life, in this situation knowledge of foreign languages ​​is necessary for successful activities. Modern world educational standards are aimed at training a highly qualified, thinking person and creatively developed, able to quickly adapt in the world [2].

The purpose of writing this article is to identify the main stages in the work of a teacher when conducting distance online classes, as well as to identify the positive and negative aspects of the work process.

Writing skills in online classes can be trained in various ways, depending on the goals set. For some students, during the lesson, you can recommend writing various essays, as well as written messages that young people use on a daily basis. When learning a business foreign language, it is better to focus on writing business letters on various topics; you should start with a simple business letter to the partner and end, for example, with the company’s financial report.

In order to quickly overcome the language barrier, the student should communicate a lot, since the main goal of learning a foreign language is to learn to speak it fluently faster.

It must be remembered that for each distance lesson, various speech exercises should be performed that will motivate the student to communicate. These tasks include watching and discussing various fragments from films, followed by expressing opinions, discussing proverbs, etc. For such work, short dialogues, stories are suitable, it is good if they have additional illustrations.

Many students do not like doing homework, but regular monitoring will help develop student independence and self-organization. After conducting an online lesson, the teacher should select and send to the student’s e-mail homework in electronic form, which he must independently complete and send to his teacher for verification before the start of the next lesson. The teacher should then correct the mistakes so that they can be discussed before the next lesson. Doing your homework should be regular, but not boring and boring.

Thus, it follows from the above that, despite the existing difficulties and disadvantages in online classes, distance learning has many advantages in that it erases spatial barriers, allows you to learn the language together with its native speakers from different countries. Students get the opportunity to develop skills such as tolerance, willingness to seek a compromise solution and respectfully treat other people’s opinions.

Therefore, we can conclude that distance learning helps to solve some of the psychological problems of young people, expands their communicative sphere, and contributes to the development of motivation to learn. In our opinion, in the future, education will be continuous, regardless of where the student is. To achieve all of the above goals, features of the process of teaching a foreign language, online classes will increasingly be used. The best way out, in our opinion, is to introduce elements of distance learning into traditional education, which will help improve the quality of education and increase the demand for educational services.


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