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Increasing the productivity of the lessons through using ICT

Basics of Education
Increasing the productivity of the lessons through using ICT

Author: Жамбыл Ажибаев Куандыкович
Job: "БІЛІМ - ИННОВАЦИЯ" мектеп - интернаты
Position: мұғалім
Date of publish: 25.02.2018
Publisher: Ж.

The main aim of contemporary educational system is to prepare competitive professionals. Comprehensive teachers have to conduct their lessons in diversified ways. Today, teachers have to master all pedagogical equipment, be constantly eager to self-develop and be creative masters at their fields.

One of the conditions for teachers is to learn the new methods of teaching, example of which is using information and communication technology. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to master ICT for every individual because 21st century is the era of technology. It is important for teachers to educate students accordingly with the development of ICT. The highly developing process of information technology requires people to improve in all spheres.

ICT equipment – is microprocessor and new equipment which spreads information that works based on new information technology. There are a lot of ICT equipment for inquiring teachers that can be used in lessons. To exemplify: interactive board, multimedia, internet access and electronic devices. In addition, there are many different programs and applications that ease the teaching process. They are : kahoot, quizizz, nearpod, plickers, quizlet, zipgrade and etc. By the help of using ICT in the lessons, pupils develop their thinking skills, boost their creativity, learn to work in team and ICT helps students actively enquire about new information.

During the lessons, we can ease their understanding of the topics by not only giving a lecture, but also showing them materials through videos and presentations. Also, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to increase the interests of the children in lessons through making different demonstrations, dividing them into several teams and giving deductive materials. By the help of the above-mentioned ICT equipment, pupils better understand because they listen to, see, and work in team. Besides, it is undeniable that they perceive information clearer with technology

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