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I will be a Doctor

I will be a Doctor

Author: Дауымшарова Айгул Бакытовна
Job: Маңғыстау облысы,Бейнеу ауданы,Бейнеу селосы '' Күйкен орта мектебі ''ММ
Position: І санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Date of publish: 30.01.2017
Publisher: Д.

The theme of the lesson: I’ll be a doctor
Aims of the lesson:
educational: to speak about professions and to enrich pupils’ grammar skill.
developing :to develop thinking,understanding,memory,oralspeech,reading,writing,listening skills.
Bringing-up: to create an interest in studying English
Type of the lesson:mixed
Visual aids: active board,
The procedure of the lesson:
I.Organization moment
T:Good afternoon dear guests and pupils’ I’m glad to see you!
II. Checking up the homework
III. Phonetic drill.
T:We’ll take a new phonetic drill.Look at the board and listen to me very attentively.
I want to be a doctor
To keep the children strong,
And make their parents happy
And let them all live long.
T:Did you like the poem? What kind of profession you’ve heard? Who wants to read this poem? Who else? Welcome!
IV. The new lesson
T:Our theme in our lesson is “ I’ll be a doctor” .We devote this lesson to professions.
There are a lot of professions all over the world ,so we will learn about them during the lesson.
Exercise 1 what are you going to be when you are twenty three? I don’t know, perhaps,
I’ll be a pilot.
I’ll be a doctor.
I’ll be a teacher.
I’ll be a manager.
T:Now pupils look at the board and listen to me very attentively
An artist
А banker
A programmer
А designer
A doctor
A receptionist
A lawyer
A pilot
A cosmonaut
A manager
T:Repeat the words after me all together.

Game “What profession is missing?”

T:Who is number3?
P:Number3 is a lawyer.
T:Who is number8?
P:Number8 is a pilot.
T: Who is number11?
P:Number 11 is a barber.
Суреттердің біреуі алынады,оқушылар қандай сурет алынғанын айтады.Одан кейін тағы бір сурет алынады.
T:What profession is missing?Can you tell me?
P:An artist
Ойын соңында барлық суреттер алынып тасталынады.Оқушылар мамандықтардың қай нөмірлерде болғанын еске түсіреді.
1-an artist,2-a cosmonaut,3-a lawyer ….
VI .Grammar practice
Future Simple-келер шақ
If we want to do something in the future, we use the future tense in Russian and Kazakh,and there are the future tenses in English,too. The Future Simple tense has the meaning of the future fact or plan.
The structure of the Future Simple
He/she/it will do
She won’t=she will not
I’ll be a musican
She’ll travel to Russia when she’s 20
Exercise 2 Listen and practice.
-What will you be when you are 25?
-I’ll be a spaceman.
-And what will you be, Dima?
-I’ll be an engineer.
Exercise 4. Interview your friend.
-What will you be when you are 25?
-I’ll be…
-What countries will you travel when you are 25?
-I’ll travel to Japan and China.
Exercise 6. interview your partner
What countries will you travel when you are 25?
-I’ll travel to….
Exercise 7.Write
Today we’ve learned how to make Future Simple and using auxiliary verb ”will”.Here we have things,now let’s see how you understood today’s lesson.
Game”Guess the profession”
Үстел үстінде мамандыққа байланысты заттар жатады (ғарышкер шлемі,машина дөңгелегі,тарақ,қазан,бояулар,т.б.)Оқушы тақтаға шығып ,өзінің қалаған мамандығына байланысты бір затты көрсетеді.Ал қалған оқушылар оны тауып,”He/she will be ….”cөз тіркесімен айту керек.Тапқан оқушы келесі затты көрсетеді.
Мысалы:тарақ -He/she will be a barber.
бояулар-He/she will bean artist .


Exercise 13.

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