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Fairy tales

Fairy tales

Author: Юсупова Венера Омирзаковна
Job: Ақтөбе, №52 НМ
Position: ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Date of publish: 17.02.2017
Publisher: Ю.

The first fairy tale is “The turnip”. The pupils of 5th form.

“The turnip”.
An Author – Садыкова Карина
A Grandfather – Алданазаров Нурлан
A Grandmother – Имангалиева Лейла
A Granddaughter – Маратова Фатима
A Dog, named Jack – Мырзабеков Алдияр
A Cat – Кенесов Миржан
A Mouse – Нурбергенов Арсен

AN AUTHOR: Once upon a time somewhere about there lived the grandfather and the grandmother.
The grandfather was a very good gardener he liked to spend a lot of time looking after his plants. In springtime he planted a turnip and many other vegetables. The turnip was growing bigger and bigger with the grandfather’s song and there came time to take it out.
A GRANDFATHER: Came the happy, happy time
Taking out crops of mine.
Pooling, pooling my turnip
Can’t just do it – it’s too big!
It’s too big for me! Uppps! Grandma, grandma come and help me, please!
A GRANDMOTHER: I am coming, I’ll help you.
TOGETHER: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A GRANDMOTHER: It’s too deep. Let’s call our granddaughter to help us.
A GRANDFATHER: It’s a very bright idea. Call our granddaughter to help us.
A GRANDMOTHER: Granddaughter, granddaughter come to help us to pool the turnip out.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A GRANDDAUGHTER: Let’s call Jack to help us. Zhuchka, Zhuchka come to help us to pool the turnip out.
Jack: Woof, woof I am in a hurry to come.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
Jack: It’s not so easy as I thought it would be. Let’s call the cat to help us. Kitty, kitty come down to help us.
A CAT: Prrrrr, prrrrr. I am coming.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A CAT: I believe we need help. Let’s call the mouse. Mouse, mouse, come and help us.
A MOUSE: pi pi pi pi. I am a Mouse. I am happy to help us.
AN AUTHOR:And they pooled the turnip out! All of them were glad that the turnip was finally out. The grandma cooked the turnip and gave everybody a piece of a sweet and tasty turnip. When the mouse ate his piece of turnip he said.
A MOUSE: It was so lovely. If you need my help next time, please call me again. I like the turnip so much.

Next tale is “Peter and the fox”

Form: 6
A Father – Амангелдиев Бекарыс
A Mother – Таханова Жанбибі
Peter – Әбсат Ақниет
A sister – Садыкова Карина
A fox – Сеитханов Ермек
Chickens – Лейла, Фатима, Акнур, Жанель
Equipment: a stick, a doll, a table, a cooker, a spoon, a table.

Peter: – Oh, I am tired. Chickens!!! I don’t like chickens. Oh! I have idea! Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Father! Father, fox!
A Father: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A -ha-ha-ha. I don’t know.
A Father: – You are a bad boy. Why are you crying?
Peter: – Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Mother! Mother, fox!
A Mother: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A –ha-ha-ha. There is no fox.
A Mother: – Why are you crying? Where are the chickens? Oh! Uhh! Oh, my god!
Peter: – Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Sister! Sister, fox!
A sister: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A –ha-ha-ha. I lied, but you believed me. A–ha-ha-ha.
A sister: – I didn’t believe you, but next time nobody believe you.
Peter: – My father believed me, my mother believed me but my sister didn’t believe me.
Suddenly a fox came and began to catch the chickens.
Peter: Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Father, Mother, sister!
A Father: – You are lying.
A Mother: – You will not fool me again.
A sister: – Nobody believe you.
The fox ate all the chickens. Peter sat and cried.
Peter: I will never tell lies.

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