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Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan

Ағылшын тілі
Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan

Мақала авторы: Есенжулова Назерке Еркабыловна
Жұмыс орны: Сағашилі орта мектебі
Лауазымы: Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Порталға жариялану мерзімі: 05.02.2016

Date: 14.10.2015


The theme of the lesson : Eating in Britain and in  Kazakhstan

The aims of the  lesson :To explain the new theme  to the pupils and  to revise the preceding theme, that is countable and uncountable  nouns.

Objectives :

1)Educational :To teach pupils to use the countable and uncountable nouns  correctly. To learn new words, to study and give a lot of information about “Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan ”.

2) Developing :To develop pupils skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking  speech, to enrich  to vocabulary to respect each other and the culture of another nations,

Right pronunciation  and thinking English.

3)Bring up : To bring  pupils accuracy , responsibility , order , activity  and  interest  in the subject .

The type of the lesson :combined lesson

The visual aids: text-book , cards, active board, poster etc.

 The methods  of the lesson : asking ,group work,  reading,  writing and speaking etc.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  2. a) greeting

T: Good morning pupils!

P: Good morning teacher !

T:How are you?

P: I’m fine thank you . And you?

T: I’m also fine thank you . Take your seats!

  1. Warm up:

Now , pupils  all you come to the blackboard and to turn around . Let’s play the game “Domino” .I’ll give domino there is a words you must  to find translations and stand after words.3min

Look at the picture and divided into 3 groups. And take your seats in your  groups.

1.Fruits 2 Drinks 3 Other foods   2min

Топ ережесі.

III. Thinking

Look at the book  exercise 1 on page 67 .Dialogue 3 min

What about can you say the dialogue?

Do  you like this dialogue?

Do you prefer to eat useful foods  ?

What do we do to be healthy ?

-Ok pupils today we’ll speak about “Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan” .Open your copy books write  the theme of the lesson “Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan” . And I hope  known  that from this  lesson  we’ll get some information about “Eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan”.


  1. New lesson.

Remember! Plural nouns end –s or –es. They are countable .Some don’t have plural form. They are uncountable .1 min

Критериялды бағалау

  1. Жазылуы
  2. Оқылуы
  3. Аударылуы

1)Work  with vocabulary. First of all we’ll begin our lesson from the new words.

I’ll give  some words every group you must to find translation from English into Kazakh.

Honey   — бал

Mutton- қой еті

Roast – қуырылған

Pudding- пудинг

Bacon-  ысталған шошқа еті 4 min

  1. Practice .
  2. Our next task “Semantic chart ”.Complete the chart ,I’ll give 3group words ,you must complete this words to the right forms. Бір бірін бағалау .  Топтың жұмысын бір-біріне беріп тексереді . тақта бойынша. +- арқылы 7 min
Vegetables Fruit Drinks
Carrot Apricot mineral
Potato Grape Orange juice
Onion ananas Kymyz
Cabbage plum Shubat
Beet pear milk
  1. Physical training. If you tired let’s do physical train ,all you stand up and look at the  active board and doing. 2min


  1. “Numeral dictation ” . Жеке бағалау . бір біріне дәптерін тексеріп , бағалау +- санап бағалайды.5 min

I’ll read  some words  and you are write uncountable and countable nouns over the number. 1.cars 2.coffee 3.bottles 4.birds 5.water 6.air 7.eggs 8.sugar 9.lemons 10.milk



uncountable countable
2,5,6,8,10 1,3,4,7,9

3.Work with  text. “Poster”. 10 min. топ бір- бірін бағалайды.

-Open your books on page 70-72. Read  the text .

1)group – Eating in Britain

2) group – Diagram

3)group –  Eating in Kazakhstan

VII. Role work .5min

Our the task is role work.  I ‘ll give for every groups themes and you must make own fantasy .It will be dialogue or text .

1)group – School canteen

2) group – Shopping

3)group –  Cafe

VIII .Reflection .

  • What   you have  learnt  today in our lesson?
  • What is the traditional food in Kazakhstan?
  • What is the traditional food in Britain?

Today we spoken  about different  traditional foods and drinks and eating in Britain and Kazakhstan.

  • Good luck! Can you give me one more examples?
  • For example Kazakh traditional foods bauyrsak , kazy, kurt etc.


  1. Conclusion .

a)Home task .

— Now pupils open your notebooks and put down your homework. Ex 18 p.72

  1. b) Marks .

— Come  to me please to get your marks. And  I’ll give excellent marks for…….

I give good marks ………..

  1. c) Thank you very much for your work at the lesson. The lesson is over. Good bye!